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Vermont Bike Rides near Woodstock & Killington

Vermont is a cycling destination because the roads are lightly trafficked and drivers respect cyclists, the scenery is magnificent, and the air and water is pure and healthful. Whether you're a casual rider out for a little exercise while enjoying an unhurried adventure, or an avid cyclist seeking more of a challenge, Vermont is the place to ride your bike.

Bring your own bike of rent one from the First Stop Bike shop. After your ride, sit on the Long Trail Brewery's deck next to the Ottauquechee River and drink cold beer. Then spend the night at the October Country Inn, and do it all again tomorrow.

Below are links to maps and directions for some local routes of varying distance and difficulty.

Fall Bike Ride

  1. Echo Lake Loop (6 miles, 220 ft. climbing)
  2. East Mountain Road Loop (13 miles, 1,089 ft. climbing)
  3. OCI Triangle (18 miles, 853 ft. climbing)
  4. 20 Mile Stream Road Loop (19 miles, 640 ft. climbing)
  5. Pomfret Loop (24 miles, 1,099 ft. climbing)
  6. Terrible Mountain Loop/Belmont Option (24 miles, 2,861 ft. climbing)
  7. Terrible Mountain Loop (28.5 miles, 2,415 ft. climbing)
  8. Ludlow/Reading Loop (31.5 miles, 1,189 ft. climbing)
  9. Woodstock/Brownsville Loop (35 miles, 1,470 ft. climbing)
  10. Woodstock/Reading Loop (44 miles, 1,906 ft. climbing)
  11. Killington/Barnard Loop (55 miles, 1,739 ft. climbing)
  12. Pomfret/Brownsville Loop (75 miles, 3,107 ft. climbing)
  13. West Around Century (108 miles, 4,344 ft. climbing)
  14. East Around Century (103 miles, 4,239 ft. climbing)
October Country Inn has long served visiting cyclists by offering a quality lodging experience. We provide our bike riding guests with printed route maps and directions. We provide secure, indoor storage for your bikes, and emergency sag service is you should break down or have problem. Hope you find a ride that excites you, and will visit us soon.