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West Around Century

(108 miles, 4,344 ft. climbing)

This route combines length and vertical that makes for a truly challenging ride that starts and ends at the Bridgewater Country Store, close to October Country Inn. Start early.

This route starts in Bridgewater Corners at the intersection of U.S. Route 4 and Route 100A. Ride west on Route 4 enjoying a mild uphill warm-up on a generously wide shoulder. Proceed west on Route 4 past the intersection with Route 100S (5.5 miles). There is a convenience store on the left, and a country store/deli on the right. Also on the left is the First Stop Bike Shop. You will pass Killington's Skyship Base Station on the left (6.6 miles). The road opens to a flattish section through a narrow valley before it starts to climb (9.6 miles) toward the Killington access road. The steepest part of the climb tops out (10.6 miles) and then flattens a bit before a gentle climb bring you to the Killington access road (11.7 miles) on the left. The Killington Deli is on the left another .02 miles to the west. Bill's Country Store is on the right.

Bear right onto Route 100 north. The shoulder narrows as you begin a long winding downhill ride. You come to a brief climb into the town of Pittsfield (19.3 miles). A general store and deli is on the left (19.7 miles). Follow Route 100 north. The road flattens out a bit as it winds through a wide farmland valley.

At the intersection where Route 100 N splits off to the north (22.4 miles) bear right and follow Route 107 east as it begins to climb. This section has varying amounts of shoulder, mostly narrow, and is up and down but trends uphill as it parallels the White River to the left.

Turn right at the intersection with Route 12 south (30.7 miles). There is a convenience store and the Creek House Diner on the left. Route 12 south presents a long medium grade uphill climb with a medium width shoulder. The Barnard General Store/Deli is on the left (37 miles). It has great sandwiches, and across the street picnic tables are set up on a grassy area next to Silver Lake. The climb tops out (38.5 miles) and launches into an equally long downhill glide. Just outside of Woodstock, keep an eye out for a "Y" intersection with Pomfret Rd. on your left (46 miles).

Turn left on Pomfret Rd and follow it until Pomfret Rd. turns to the right when you reach the Teago General Store (48 miles). Follow Pomfret Rd. as it begins to climb, winding through incredibly beautiful hill farm country. When you reach the top of the climb (51.2 miles), shift into your big ring for a long downhill cruise. This leg starts out winding through open pasture land, and then funnels into a narrow creek side valley. Upon reaching the White River (57.2 miles), the road bends to the right, and follows the White River. This road dead ends at a stop sign (57.8 miles). To the left is a bridge that crosses the White River, leads to Route 14, and the West Hartford General Store.

Turn right onto the Quechee/West Hartford Rd. (unmarked) and begin to climb. At the top (61.3 miles) shift into high gear once again for a shorter downhill sprint. Keep on the lookout for a paved road on the right that intersects with the Quechee/West Hartford Rd. at a very shallow angle (63 miles). Carefully turn right on this road (Quechee Main St., unmarked), and almost double back in the direction you came. Follow this road through and beyond the Quechee Country Club. Go through the Taftsville covered bridge, bear left on the other side to the intersection with U.S. Route 4 (66.5 miles).

Turn left onto Route 4 east for a short distance on this narrow shouldered, highly trafficked roadway. At the intersection with Route 12 (67 miles), turn right. This section of road has adequate shoulders. Begin a moderate climb before it flattens a bit (69.1 miles), then you can slip into your big ring (70.1 miles) for a downhill breather before it flattens out again (72.3 miles). On your right, look for a white church steeple sticking above the treetops. The intersection with Brownsville Rd. is close by (73.3 miles).

Turn right on Brownsville Rd. This delightful, quiet country road winds around old barns, and Vermont farmhouses before beginning a bracing climb (75.3 miles) that will get your heart-rate up before leveling off a bit (76.4 miles) and dropping off into a long, brake-hand cramping downhill cruise (77.2 miles). Ski trails on Mt. Ascutney come into view before you emerge into the town of Brownsville, and the intersection with Route 44 (80.5 miles).

Turn right onto and follow Route 44 west as it winds through open farmland before ending at the intersection with Route 106 (84.8 miles).

Turn left onto and follow Route 106 south into the town of Reading (also called Felchville). Look for Tyson Rd. on your right (85.8 miles) between the post office and Shaughnessy's Reading Country Store.

Turn right on Tyson Rd. This narrow quiet shaded country road has no marked shoulder, but there is little traffic. This is a long climb of varying pitch, drop it into your small ring, take your time and enjoy the ambiance. Near the top, moose are often seen hanging out in the marshy area. After the summit (91.9 miles) slip into the big ring. With the exception of one small up and down section by Colby Pond, the rest of the ride is a peddle free downhill ride on a winding paved road through shaded forest and open meadow until you reach the junction with Route 100 (95 miles).

Turn right and follow Route 100 north. The road trends uphill as it winds past Echo and Amherst Lakes, into Plymouth, and the junction with Route 100A (100.1 miles).

Turn right on Route 100A, you're immediately faced with a very steep but short uphill that tops out into Plymouth Notch, a historic site marking the birthplace and home of Calvin Coolidge. A short bypass to the left takes you to a General Store, and a restaurant. This quiet stretch of long downhill road winds through a forested valley ending this back in Bridgewater Corners (107.9 miles).



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