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East Around Century

(103 miles, 4,239 ft. climbing)

This route combines length and vertical that makes for a truly challenging ride that starts and ends at the Bridgewater Country Store, close to October Country Inn. Start early, be sure and stretch.

This route starts in Bridgewater Corners at the intersection of U.S. Route 4 and Route 100A. Head east on Route 4. This is the most trafficked section. Shoulders are adequate. You soon come to the town of Bridgewater (1.6 miles). Upon leaving, the road winds alongside the Outtaquechee River into Woodstock. Route 4 bears right to go around the Village Green for a short distance to the center of Woodstock and the intersection with Route 12 (8.2 miles).

Turn left onto and follow Route 12 north through and out of Woodstock (the Woodstock Deli is on your left about two blocks north of Route 4), wind around the Rockefeller National Park past the Billings Farm on the right and follow Route 12 north until you reach the "Y" intersection with Pomfret Rd. (9.2 miles).

Turn right on Pomfret Rd and follow it until Pomfret Rd. turns to the right when you reach the Teago General Store (11.2 miles). Follow Pomfret Rd. as it begins to climb, winding through incredibly beautiful hill farm country. When you reach the top of the climb (14.4 miles), shift into your big ring for a long downhill cruise. This leg starts out winding through open pasture land, and then funnels into a narrow creek side valley. Upon reaching the White River (20.4 miles), the road bends to the right, and follows the White River. This road dead ends at a stop sign (21 miles). To the left is a bridge that crosses the White River, leads to Route 14, and the West Hartford General Store.

Turn right onto the Quechee/West Hartford Rd. (unmarked) and begin to climb. At the top (24.5 miles) shift into high gear once again for a shorter downhill sprint. Keep on the lookout for a paved road on the right that intersects with the Quechee/West Hartford Rd. at a very shallow angle (26.2 miles). Carefully turn right on this road (Quechee Main St., unmarked), and almost double back in the direction you came. Follow this road through and beyond the Quechee Country Club. Go through the Taftsville covered bridge, bear left on the other side to the intersection with U.S. Route 4 (29.7 miles).

Turn left onto Route 4 east for a short distance on this narrow shouldered, highly trafficked roadway. At the intersection with Route 12 (30.2 miles), turn right. This section of road has adequate shoulders. Begin a moderate climb before it flattens a bit (32.3 miles), then you can slip into your big ring (33.3 miles) for a downhill breather before it flattens out again (35.5 miles). Look for a white church steeple sticking above the treetops on the right. The intersection with Brownsville Rd. is close by (36.5 miles).

Turn right on Brownsville Rd. This delightful, quiet country road winds around old barns, and Vermont farmhouses before beginning a bracing climb (38.5 miles) that will get your heart-rate up before leveling off a bit (39.6 miles) and dropping off into a long, brake-hand cramping downhill cruise (40.4 miles). Ski trails on Mt. Ascutney come into view before you emerge into the town of Brownsville, and the intersection with Route 44 (43.7 miles).

Turn right onto and follow Route 44 west as it winds through open farmland before ending at the intersection with Route 106 (48 miles).

Turn left onto and follow Route 106 south downhill into and through the town of Reading (also called Felchville) to the intersection with Route 131 at Downer's Corner (53.2 miles). There's a Jiffy Mart, and the Country Creemee Restaurant on the left.

Turn right onto Route 131 west. This road trends uphill as it winds alongside the Black River on your left. This particularly scenic roadway has little in the way of shoulders. As you leave the Black River, you will come into the town of Cavendish which imperceptibly becomes the town of Proctorsville by the time you're abreast of Bennett's Country Store (60.2 miles). Watch for Depot St. on your left, the Opera House Café & Bakery is two blocks down on your left. Continue west on Route 131 to the intersection with Route 103 (62.2 miles).

Turn right and follow Route 103 north on adequate shoulders into and through the town of Ludlow to the intersection within Route 100 (67.3 miles). Follow Route 100 south on small shoulders. It soon starts to climb as it winds through an old residential neighborhood. You begin climbing in earnest as the houses thin out (69 miles), and the shoulder gets wider. You'll see it coming. The steepest pitch of the two-stage climb up Terrible Mountain levels off (69.6 miles) provides a brief downhill respite and begins the less steep but longer final climb to the crest (71.7 miles). A welcomed downhill delivers you to the intersection with Route 155 (74.3 miles).

Turn right on Route 155 north. This leg has medium shoulders, with light traffic. It winds through a section of the Green Mountain National Forest in a long climb that gradually increases in pitch. Over the top (77.4 miles), the highway emerges from the forest into an expanse of rolling meadow bordering a long downhill to the Belmont turnoff at Tarbellville Road (80.9 miles).

Turn right again, and begin another climb on a very quiet paved country road with no marked shoulders. Pass straight through the four way intersection that comprises downtown Belmont (82 miles), the Belmont Country Store and deli is on the left, and continue to climb past Star Lake on your left. Once over the top (83.3 miles) a well-earned downhill ends at the intersection with Route 103 (85.5 miles).

Turn right. Route 103 south has a lot more traffic, but super wide shoulders. A brisk downhill delivers you to the intersection with Route 100 on your left (89.2 miles).

Turn left onto, and follow Route 100 north. This road tends uphill on narrow shoulders along a string of lakes on your right. First there's Pauline Lake, then Rescue Lake, then Echo Lake, and finally Amherst Lake. Continuing on Route 100 north until you come into the town of Plymouth Union and the intersection with Route 100A (97.7 miles).

Turn right on Route 100A, you're immediately faced with a very steep but short uphill that tops out at Plymouth Notch, a historic site marking the birthplace and home of Calvin Coolidge. A short bypass to the left takes you to a General Store, and a restaurant. This quiet stretch of final downhill road winds through a forested valley ending back in Bridgewater Corners (103.1 miles).



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