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East Mountain Road Loop

(13 miles, 1,089 ft. climbing)

Starts with a vigorous climb up a quiet back road to a spectacular view of Killington Ski Resort. This route consists of three legs on paved roads that form a 13 mile loop, with 1,089 feet of climbing. Adding an out-and-back from the October Country Inn increases the total ride to 26.5 miles.

Park in the Killington Skyship base lodge parking lot at the corner of U.S. Route 4 and East Mountain Road. Riding up East Mountain Road, this quiet two lane paved road starts climbing almost immediately. There is no shoulder but traffic is very light to nonexistent during the summer months. Pass the Bear Mountain turnoff (1.3 miles), go under Killington's Great Eastern ski trail overpass (1.4 miles) and continue to the top of the climb (2.3 miles). The road winds, dips and climbs a bit before you get to groups of condos, the Killington Grand Hotel, and the Killington Golf Course. At this point (4.2 miles) a great view of many of the Killington Ski Resort's trails opens up on your left as you reach the upper Snowshed area.

Turn right when you reach the Killington Access Road (4.4 miles). Proceed downhill on this paved road through the various ski shops and restaurants that are mostly dormant during the summer months. There are varying amounts of shoulder on this road, but traffic will probably be very light. The Killington Market & Deli is on the right (6.0 miles).

Turn right again when you reach U.S. Route 4 (8.0 miles). Proceed east on Route 4. On the wide shoulder of this final leg, the next two miles are quite downhill and will go by fast. At 10 miles, it levels off. Enjoy a wide, straight and slightly downhill ride back to the Killington Skyship base lodge parking lot to finish this ride.


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