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Terrible Mountain Loop

(28 miles, 2,415 ft. climbing)

A bit longer that the Terrible Mountain-Belmont Loop, but a little less climbing. This ride consists of three legs with substantial climbs on the first two. Typical of Vermont rides, the scenery is breathtaking, the roads are good, and traffic is light. If you start and finish at the October Country Inn, the total distance is 60.3 miles.

Terrible Mountain-Belmont LoopPark in Ludlow as close to the point in town where Route 100 and Route 103 go their separate ways. From this split, ride south on Route 100. This section of Route 100 has small shoulders, and starts to climb (0.6 miles) as it winds through an old residential neighborhood. You begin climbing in earnest as the houses thin out (1.7 miles), and the shoulder gets wider. You'll see it coming. The steepest pitch of the two-stage climb up Terrible Mountain levels off (2.3 miles) provides a brief downhill respite (3.2 miles) and begins the less steep but longer final climb to the crest (4.4 miles). A welcomed downhill delivers you to the intersection with Route 155 (7.0 miles).

Turn right on Route 155 north. This leg has medium shoulders, with light traffic. It winds through a section of the Green Mountain National Forest in a long climb that gradually increases in pitch. Over the top (10.1 miles), the highway emerges from the forest into an expanse of rolling meadow bordering a long big ring downhill to the intersection with Route 140 in East Wallingford (17 miles).

Turn right on Route 140 east and immediately arrive at the junction with Route 103 (17.2 miles).

Turn right on Route 103 south. Traffic is a lot heavier than with the other roads but the shoulder is wide and flat. The road climbs up and down for some distance, levels off a bit (20 miles), summits (22.3 miles), and then drops away to a nearly pedal free ride to the end of the loop in Ludlow (28.5 miles).



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