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Ludlow/Reading Loop

(31.5 miles, 1,189 ft. climbing)

A ride of intermediate length that starts with a long gentle almost downhill section including a big ring ride down one of Vermont most scenic highways, adds a quiet, slow (mostly uphill) ride along a pastoral country backroad, and then finishes with a bracing climb that leads to a breezy, brake lever clutching downhill. Start and end this ride at the October Country Inn for a total of 56.5 miles.

Ludlow/Reading LoopPark at the Tyson Church parking lot off Route 100 across from the Echo Lake Inn. Ride south on Route 100. The road has narrow shoulders, and winds through a residential area that line lakes (from north to south) Amherst, Echo, Rescue and Pauline that are fed and drained by the upper reaches of the Black River.

Turn left where Route 100 south intersects with Route 103 south (3.4 miles) and continue into the town of Ludlow where Route 100 and Route 103 split (5.4 miles). There are several opportunities for restrooms, food, and drink in Ludlow. Continue through Ludlow, about 2 miles, and beyond on Route 103 south.

Turn left on Route 131 east (8.5 miles). Singleton's General Store, in Proctorsville, is on the right (8.9 miles). A little bit further (9.0 miles) you will come to Depot St. Two blocks down, on the left, is the Opera House Café & Bakery. Riding on, following Route 131 east, without warning, and for no apparent reason, the town of Proctorsville suddenly becomes the town of Cavendish. Continue past Bennett's Country Store (10.5 miles) and leave Cavendish behind and pick up the Black River on your right (12 miles). Shift into your big ring, and enjoy the spectacular wild Black River scenery until you come to Downer's Corner at the intersection with Route 106 (17.5 miles). There's a Jiffy Mart on one side of the street, and Country Creemee Restaurant on the other.

Turn left at the intersection and follow Route 106 north. The shoulder is narrow, and there is a steady but modest climb into the town of Reading (also called Felchville). Look for Tyson Rd. on your left (21.7 miles) between the post office and Shaughnessy's Reading Country Store.

Turn left on Tyson Rd. This narrow quiet shaded country road has no marked shoulder, but there is little traffic. This is a long climb of varying pitch, but drop it into your smallest ring take your time and enjoy the ambiance. Near the top, moose are often seen hanging out in the marshy area. After the summit (27.8 miles) slip into the big ring. With the exception of one small up and down section by Colby Pond, the rest of the ride is a peddle free downhill ride on a winding paved road through shaded forest and open meadow until you reach the end of this loop a the junction with Route 100 (31.5 miles).



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